Submission and deadlines

Deadlines for submitting paper proposals and presentations

Abstract submission: 16 June 2017

Abstract approval: 2 July 2017

Full presentation or paper submission: 30 July 2017

The paper proposals and presentations should be presented in an abstract no longer than a single page. We recommend that they should be accompanied by a suggestion regarding in which of the thematic streams listed above it should be included. In case of approval, the final paper or presentation should be a maximum of 15 pages, in Times New Roman or Arial 12, in 1.5 line spacing. The approved presentations shall be loaded on a web page before the Meeting.

For the workers’ organizations is not necessary to present a full paper, a brief presentation of contents is sufficient.

For presentations or interventions in other formats, please contact the organizing committee: You must also fill and submit this form to ease the organization committee’s work.

Deadlines for the presentation of workshops, books, journals and audiovisual works

Submission: 16 June 2017

Approval: 3 July 2017